A leader in the field of contracting, aluminium, iron and transportation

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Amarat United is a leading company in the field of construction, aluminum and iron works, land transportation services and comprehensive cleaning, where we provide comprehensive and integrated solutions to customers. We are distinguished by our professionalism and the high quality of the services we provide, which makes us the ideal choice in the field of construction, maintenance, iron and aluminum crafts, land transportation, and comprehensive cleaning. We always try to satisfy customers by providing diverse and innovative services, and we keep quality, safety and reliability at the core of our business. Our vision is to be the preferred partner to achieve their goals in the field of construction, maintenance, iron and aluminum works, comprehensive cleaning, and land transportation services.

Your ideal partner in the field of contracting, iron, aluminum, and transportation

We work to build a better future



Building residential, commercial, and industrial structures

Maintenance and Renovation

Renewing and maintaining old buildings to preserve their quality

Ironwork and Aluminum

Manufacturing and installing high-quality iron and aluminum products

General Cleaning

Comprehensive cleaning services for homes, offices, and establishments

Pest Control

Effective solutions to eliminate all types of pests


Designing and executing unique interior and exterior decorations

Equipment Rental

Providing all types of equipment needed for your projects

Land Transport

Transporting goods and materials safely and efficiently

Plumbing and Electrical

Installing and maintaining plumbing and electrical systems

Factory Establishment

Setting up and equipping factories with complete production lines

Asphalt Installation

Executing road projects and paving with the highest quality standards

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